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Sunday, July 31, 2011

#212 Lions

Two lions
Standing tall
Standing sentry
Over all

On either side of the great gate
With unobstructed view
Of road and courtyard
Eyes looking through you

Stone faced and cold
Ever present
So very old
Their gaze dripping resentment

Your presence is not to their liking
They watched you approaching on the old road
Their rocky facades crack
As they bound from their perch
You fear being made a snack

Their paws stalk the earth
Heavier than a real lions
Leaving deep prints in their wake
Your manhood hides in your loins     

Backing away slowly
As they steadily advance
The right one roars
A stone silent roar
The left slowly flanks you
Not leaving you much chance

Tripping backwards over a stone
You sit up quickly ready to run
Blinking the sweat out of your eyes
What you see catches your breath
All is as it was
The lions high on their perch
Eyes piercing you
Undressing you
Reading you
Forbidding you entrance
To their realm