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Friday, December 29, 2017

You've Gone Viral

Bloggers and vloggers Profiles raised to celebrity Once amateur words and imagery Now studied at University How to gain a million followers How to hit 2 million views Going viral is the new 15 minutes of fame What we'll do for it knows no shame

"Hello peeps!
Today I have the latest expensive thing
Which I will do my best to destroy
For that which you cannot afford
Is bread and butter for your eyes"

Test drives and stunts
Major fails and wins
YouTube demonetized my video!
Time for a rant to tear down this place

By what measure do we measure success and fame?
Does it lower or raise the bar for creativity and taste?
Did 2017 put us into this dive?
Or did it just hasten the pace?

Monday, December 18, 2017

You Should Probably Get That Checked

I got a phone in my top breast pocket
And it is forming a tumor in its own image
Not a detailed model, oh no
But in general size and shape, oh yes

My breast cancer looks like an Apple product
An overpriced
More than the sum of its parts
Fleshy monster

When I dial up the iTunes
That carcinoma really thumps
With a bass beat heart beat
And it kinda starts to glow

iMessage taps out the letters and words
Embossing a printer's reverse image upon me
Your words of love and my UPS package is delivered
To be carried as quite a tumification to see

The App Store really puts a price tag on things
I can now play Super Oncology 3
With mandatory loot box purchases not covered by insurance
There's an app for that whether I go chemo or crystal therapy

iMovie and GarageBand help me get my film off the ground
All the better to promote my GoFundMe page
With a secret backdoor Kickstarter campaign
All grooving with standard Apple provided royalty free sound

All because I got a phone in my top breast pocket
So useful and addictive I cannot put it down
The marketing has me hooked for life
Marked by the included Apple tumor, irregular, and brown

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Astronaut Smith, Do You Know It is Almost Christmas?

O weightless explorer of the endless frontier
Do the angels whisper in your ear?

Or is it deafening to hear them sing
At the height you view the world at?

Through thick crystal ports
You look at me
And I look up at you
Neither one of us really seeing the other

But I know you're there
And you know I'm here

Breathe easy
Upon canned oxygen
And recycled farts

You carry our dreams with you
As you orbit the Earth

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Ego Blinders

Deeply dismayed by my own problems. I trip over myself And fall out of my own head for a moment Look around And realize how lucky I really am Before falling back into the self hole With that limited view of the sky A tiny blue circle And try to remember the larger world

Friday, November 17, 2017

Here There Be Monsters

When I remember certain things
I am transported to that moment

It's like I've dressed up in the skin of a monster
With no control over my limbs
Words that I don't want to utter
Come tumbling from my lips

I close my eyes tightly
I wish those times away

"It was a long time ago
You are not that person anymore
It doesn't matter
Don't look back"

Is a mantra I may utter
To try and keep these things at bay
Though it doesn't help very much
And I have to say it several times a day

I see a kind of faraway
Haunted look in someone's eyes

Like their minds are leading them somewhere too
Somewhere secret
Somewhere full of rage and shame

And maybe it should make me feel better that I'm not the only one

But it doesn't

As I'm still the secret monster in your midst

Friday, October 27, 2017

A Dream of Certain Size

Slumber sweet giant
Dream your outsized dreams
Crossing vast continents with great strides
And in the morning you will rise

When you do
Will everything be as you remember?
Your steps as big
The trees quite so small
The view from your elevated eyes
As far and so clear

Perhaps you will rise more condensed
With everything tall all around you
Lost in the grass at the base of a tree
Riding upon bugs for fun
Hanging on to a flea for a thrill
Every molehill a mountain
Every mountain but an impossible myth

More likely
A normal size you will be
Average in every way
But with a dream still fresh in your head
Large steps
Tiny adventures
Distant horizons
An awe of your surroundings
Holding sway over you the rest of the day

Friday, October 6, 2017

Harvest Cheddar

Harvest Moon light reflects within your eyes
Projecting a perfect tiny image
A bright mini man in the moon
Winking at me from within you

This singular moment is broken
As your body goes rigid
Skin color and texture changing
I reach out to feel if you are ok

Catching your fall as you go
A familiar tangy odor wafts to my nose
And a growing orange glow grows
As my armful of you morphs before my gaze

The old stories are true
When you gaze upon the Harvest Moon
And a certain old god hears your pleas
You do indeed turn to sharp cheddar cheese