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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Weaponized Wrench

Here I lie
Cast in steel
Clad in chrome
Imprinted with sigil
Enclosed darkness my home

I await the beckon of your hand
Into which I fit naturally
To every curve and crevass
A weapon of repair and assembly
Unsheathed at last

Your king calls
To arms!
To arms!

Friday, February 16, 2018


There once was

At once ambiguous and specific
Depending upon what comes after
Whether person place or thing
It could be you
With this past forming a veiled shade of what

There will be

This expectation of the future
A dream
A hope
A plan
People can push through
Fed on nothing more than that promise
Of what will be

There is

An expression of now
With all the accumulated implications of

There once was

Combined with the hopes
Dreams and expectations of

There will be

Making it a statement of the fact of this moment
Everything past present and future
All wrapped up in what is

Be the best present tense you can be
Built upon
Or in spite of what was
And always aspire for more

Because it will be magnificent

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Object of Reference

Floating twisting turning tumbling
Rock hard outer shell
Just another rock
Just another roll
Just another traveler across the void

Trying to plot an origin point
Would be an exercize in headache refinement
Something to pulse agonizingly
Within the logic centers of your brain
Until an answer refuses to be acknowledged
Until you throw your nerd notebook across the floor

In a tiny nerd rage
With tiny nerd fists
Because everything is tiny
On the scale you are used to dealing with

Inches may as well be mountains
With just as much relationship to ratio

Used to a constant companion of back pain
From lugging around such a big brain
There is no reason you can't figure this out

Still there it is
On a constant trajectory
With an occasional wiggle in the graph
From outside gravitational influence


A line that disappears into a forest of probablility
A mystery that is getting closer every day

Plenty of time though
As things like this go
It is going rather slow

Now logged dutifully in the logbook
As object LSGO-0142018

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Speak Up, Sonny!

A high pitched string instrument note
Accompanies me wherever I go
The soundtrack to my life it seems
A Tinnitus in high E flat road show

Once, I heard of a cure
But I wasn't so sure
And my hand wasn't as steady
Perhaps vibrating in tune with that sustained tone

A slip
And a slice
And that ear was done
The drum would never thrum again

So now right channel is all that comes through
Along with that lesson learned
That hearing something
Is better than nothing at all

Friday, December 29, 2017

You've Gone Viral

Bloggers and vloggers Profiles raised to celebrity Once amateur words and imagery Now studied at University How to gain a million followers How to hit 2 million views Going viral is the new 15 minutes of fame What we'll do for it knows no shame

"Hello peeps!
Today I have the latest expensive thing
Which I will do my best to destroy
For that which you cannot afford
Is bread and butter for your eyes"

Test drives and stunts
Major fails and wins
YouTube demonetized my video!
Time for a rant to tear down this place

By what measure do we measure success and fame?
Does it lower or raise the bar for creativity and taste?
Did 2017 put us into this dive?
Or did it just hasten the pace?

Monday, December 18, 2017

You Should Probably Get That Checked

I got a phone in my top breast pocket
And it is forming a tumor in its own image
Not a detailed model, oh no
But in general size and shape, oh yes

My breast cancer looks like an Apple product
An overpriced
More than the sum of its parts
Fleshy monster

When I dial up the iTunes
That carcinoma really thumps
With a bass beat heart beat
And it kinda starts to glow

iMessage taps out the letters and words
Embossing a printer's reverse image upon me
Your words of love and my UPS package is delivered
To be carried as quite a tumification to see

The App Store really puts a price tag on things
I can now play Super Oncology 3
With mandatory loot box purchases not covered by insurance
There's an app for that whether I go chemo or crystal therapy

iMovie and GarageBand help me get my film off the ground
All the better to promote my GoFundMe page
With a secret backdoor Kickstarter campaign
All grooving with standard Apple provided royalty free sound

All because I got a phone in my top breast pocket
So useful and addictive I cannot put it down
The marketing has me hooked for life
Marked by the included Apple tumor, irregular, and brown

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Astronaut Smith, Do You Know It is Almost Christmas?

O weightless explorer of the endless frontier
Do the angels whisper in your ear?

Or is it deafening to hear them sing
At the height you view the world at?

Through thick crystal ports
You look at me
And I look up at you
Neither one of us really seeing the other

But I know you're there
And you know I'm here

Breathe easy
Upon canned oxygen
And recycled farts

You carry our dreams with you
As you orbit the Earth