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Friday, May 13, 2016


An outline of a foot
Pressed softly in the sand
One right after another
Leading off to the horizon
As it dips like a frown
To both the left and the right

I follow these most diligently
Stopping only for necessary breaks
Chasing the occasional shiny butterfly
So that my own trail of footfalls that follow
Is more a zig zaggy impressionistic art line

Attention Deficit
And its little brother
Pure unadulterated laziness
Both taking their unseen toll

With ultimate goal a bit  uncertain
Just a hazy gaze outline of a plan
To perhaps reach one step further
Than the ones I so vaguely trace

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Penny's Worth of a Memory

Out of season snow flurries all around
Gusting and swirling
Puffing cold unique flakes
Straight up my new dress pants
Stinging the skin above stretchy dress socks
That cling a little too tightly to my calves
Causing them to moo in discomfort
Later on leaving impressions in the skin

Always late
Scuttling along the sidewalk near my house
Trying not to slip and fall
Red-brown penny loafers not offering much grip
With their leather soles
And hockey puck material heels

Each shoe carries the obligatory penny
Both from the same year
The year of my birth
For luck
A little loafer secret

Pennies never to be spent

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I feel the feather touch of the fantastic
A kiss of breeze
A waft of home
A dash of something alien
Flashing lights behind my eyes
As I rub them in disbelief
Before falling back to grips with gravity
Slung between two paper wings
Soaring to the stars

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Loose Ends

Some people are tied up tight
Continuous strands of geometric might
Complex knots at all the joints
All acute angles with purposeful points

Some people are flexible structures
Taut arcs of stretchy strands
Able to squeeze through the tight spots
Then simply take a deep breath to re-expand

Some people are less whole and square
More a ragged flag left too long in the wind
Streaming through life darting this way and that
Ends frayed and unfinished trailing behind

Some people cannot move on without finishing things properly
Tying up every loose end in a permanent way

Some people move on constantly with no end in sight
Less finished business
More anything but

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Good Humor Beach

Orange awesomesauce glaze
Gleamed in wet sheens of thin foam
Running from rays of unblocked sun
Brought to just above melting as one
Sloughing off in a solid layer of could have been fun
Adding to the disappointment that is this creamsicle
Streaked in milky strands
Draped as a silken lace skein
Across the growing grasp of orange coating
Creeping effortlessly down a small boy's arm

Small hand rigidly gripping thin flat wood
Elbow awkwardly held in a certain position
That you may recognize as being called
"Halfway to his mouth"
Upon a journey undertaken some minutes ago
When the frozen treat had possessed tiny crystals of ice
And crisp fine edges left from the factory mold
Newly nude to the world
Torn white paper wrapper dropped right next to a lined can

Sand stirred in the ocean breeze next to a pair of cheap sneakers
Orange droplets congealing into sticky cement
In a random pattern
Falling from a faraway hand

Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Mixed Blessing

Oil dripped steadily from the jet engine tailpipe
Forming a green-blue puddle upon the pale concrete
Tattooing yet another stain upon its brittle honor

The Boeing 747 sat heavily in the hot sun
Looking for all the world like it knew
Knew that one of its engines was shit
Knew that it had used four gallons of oil on a three hour flight
Knew that it wasn't going much of anywhere for now

Somewhere else in the world
A small team of mechanics was busy
Packing their tools
Gathering up supplies
Forking an engine change kit to the main ramp
Unwrapping a spare engine

Getting ready to leave for a few days in the sun
A welcome respite from the winter blues

Sometimes the gods of aviation give good with the bad
And this was one of those times

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Magic < Money

Levitation simply for the sake of it
Supporting three tonne by nary a string
Hoops passing all along it
To show the magic of the thing

At first it was a mystery
Something to be marveled by the masses
Fences were erected
Tickets were sold

Along came the VIP boxes.
As the money followed the spectacle
As sure as Shirley loves Laverne

Soon it became less of a miracle
And more of a money maker
Until the wonder leaked away
Leaving the leviathan to settle back to the sand

Today few remember what all the fuss was about
As the moss and the debris pile up all around
The shape of the wonder that tore reality asunder
The Miracle Rock of Puget Sound