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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Stink Squared

Walking from my favorite stall in the bathroom
Just as I emerge from the stagnant
Harsh chemical cleaner cloaked scent of man shit
My nostrils detect a hint of grilling meat
Only to have that faint whiff crushed
By the reality of a still almost lit
Marlboro man's mustache accessory cast-off
Wetly smoldering crushed cigarette stump in the trash

The desire to eat cooked flesh leaves me instantly
As vomit creeps up my throat
But I swallow firmly
And dutifully wash my hands
Before walking out and away

- FDR18APR2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Color Transition

Your blues have become reds
As your painted fingernails move
Gouging gnarled gashes
Deeply into the skin
Just what the doctor ordered
All that depressed devotion
Better going out than keeping in

Your grays have become golds
Mixing up chemicals in your lab
Draping the tiny room in fumes
Smoky streamers of a million dreamers
Former attendees from Alchemy U.
Celebrated and berated in portioned parts
All chasing the same dream of Pb to Au

Your yellows have become greens
Sprouting up depositing butter on the nose
After decorating the lawns
Of the not so rich and famous
Those who just can't mow on time
Harvesting a flowery little harvest
Making the finest dandelion wine

Your oranges have become violets
After a violent collision
With a deep and stormy sea
Ebbing into a sailor's delight
As the first stars wink into being
Dying light's purple fading to night
Till the nothing is the only seeing