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Friday, July 29, 2011

#210 Bends

I bend
To the wind
It pushes me where it will
I lean and twist
This way and that
Like a tortured weather vane
Wearing white striped socks

I bend
As a dogleg
A right hand turn
In the course of the river
A whirlpool at the corner
You’ll gather up speed
As you fly down the water
In your tube
Drinking beer

I bend
Only so far
Before I break
I’m strong
But brittle
It’s not something I can fake
Oh you can try
And you will
But as you put the pressure on
My face will stay stony and still

I bend
To your will
I’m pliable
Like putty
You can shape me for any purpose
Whether noble
Or ill
Am I the perfect tool for any job?
Or am I undependable
Because of my lack of rigidity
Only you can decide

I am your Silly Putty