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Monday, July 11, 2011

#192 Seven Deadly Sins: Envy

I am absolutely green
My neighbor has gotten a new car
While I’m stuck with an old piece of crap
It’s just not fair

But that’s not all
Not by far

His house is better than mine
I think about it all the time
It makes me crazy
How everything he has is better than me

His wife is beautiful and thin
Mine is dumpy and fat
I can’t even get it up for her
When I think about that

His kids always do well
In sports and academics
They look good too
My kids just do not

When I think of all these things
I get envious and start thinking
Of ways I could have everything he does
Oh I won’t kill him and take over his life
Or anything weird like that

I just need more money
And a sexier wife
And better kids
And a newer car

I’m going to work towards these things
As my current family and possessions
Are simply not up to my expectations
Well, at least in comparison with HIS

I think I can admit it
I’m jealous
Maybe I would kill to get what he has
I can always claim that I was driven to it