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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#194 Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath

Everything was fine
Until you decided to creep over the line
You've awakened the dragon
Now deal with the teeth and fire

I can't believe what I see
Everything enrages me
I want to burn it all down
Until all is ashes

My rage at all the bad drivers
The pedestrians and bikers
And my god, traffic cameras
I keep a baseball bat in the car
For taking those out

I've been to anger management
I've seen a psychiatrist
I've taken medications
Nothing can contain my anger

At everything I see

The baby crying on the airplane
Needs to be thrown out the door
That stewardess who spilled on my shirt
I slapped her across the face

That one got me some detention time

I try to control myself
I breathe in and out
I do my mediation
There is a huge "but" to all of that though

What really calms me
What really makes me feel at peace
At one with the universe
Is what gets me in trouble in the first place

I lull myself to sleep with thoughts of revenge
On those who cut me in line, or teased me as a child
My wet dreams are of raping women who scorn me
I have sweet dreams of murder and arson

I'd never do anything to anyone
Or anything
That didn't deserve it
I'm no animal

But when you piss me off
You better stay out of my path
My rage will know no bounds
You will know my WRATH