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Thursday, July 28, 2011

#209 Is the Church of the We

I pray to the mighty amoeba
That my day will go well
His polka dots and sun spots
Reflect the best and worst in me
It is my God
It is the mighty We

Ye, it came to pass
That the mighty amoeba
Did come to the tide pool
At the beginning of time
From whence all things did come

On a fiery finger
Did amoeba arrive
From the heavens
To our world
Which it saw was good

It's soft pink body
So decorated with the blue polka dots
Acquired many sun spots
From being out without SPF 60
Learning that, it did create the sunscreen
Whence moderation in all things
Was called a goodness

It looked around
And saw much to do
And so
The amoeba divided
And divided again
Giving our world life
A precious gift
And for this
I worship the Holy We

It is the We
Because it is in me
And you
And everyone
And everything

The We permeates
It gives insight
Into the all
That we all came from

The might amoeba
Referred to as The We
Does not like broccoli
It is the one creation
That turned upon The We
Gave it indigestion
Causing great gaseous emissions
To pour forth from it's holy self
And for that
We do shun the broccoli

So it is written
So mote it be