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Saturday, July 23, 2011

#204 Lives In Sixty Paces

I’ve been a firefighter
For at least an hour
It’s getting boring
There aren't many fires
Everyone seems to be okay
So I say my goodbyes
And I’m on my way

Sixty paces later
I’m a knight storming a castle
Fighting dragons and dodging arrows
There’s a fair maiden inside
Rescuing needs to be done
Will no one step up to her need?
I shall be the one

After scaling the castle wall
By using my daggers to climb
Slaying the evil wizard
And carrying the princess from her prison
I refuse her kiss (eww)
I take sixty more paces
And end up doing this:

In a shiny new space craft
Flushed with pride at my new job
As a brave astronaut
Floating in outer space
Weightless as can be
Really hanging from a rope
Carefully looped over a tree

I resupply the space station
And fix a few satellites
We've been space-walking a long time
We check our tools and gauges and realize
Our air is getting thinner
Time to reenter the atmosphere
It’s almost time for dinner

I make it sixty paces closer to home
But I have time yet
I pause to race an Indy Car
Faster than all my competitors
I charge hard as they make way
Waving to AJ Foyt
As I pass him on the straightaway

The sun is dipping lower
It’s definitely time to eat
I take the last sixty paces

This time I’m me
I kiss my mom
She looks surprised and asks why
I tell her just because
And help her set the table
She asks how my day was
I tell her of the many jobs I did
As I made my way down the beach
The way the sand felt under my feet
The fun adventures I had
What great kids I did meet

Nothings better than being me though
As I complement mom on another great meal
I'm tired and looking forward to my soft bed already
And dreaming of the things I’ll do for real