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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

#186 Takes an Injury Time Out

Green eyes in hue
Pierce my own
And their gaze of blue
Keeping me down
Head throbbing
The rock that did it
Lying close by
With a souvenir
Of my scalp still clinging to it

I turn my head
And half my view
Is invaded by the greenest of grass
The image wavy
It must be hot
It doesn't want to focus

I hear murmurs
Rumblings of information
I can't quite make out
Snatches of songs I can't remember
Floating through my head

Strange titles though
With bizarre lyrics
Something about
"Open head Trauma"
With some backup singers
Wailing "Oh my god, oh my god"

They are seriously out of tune
I don't think I'll be getting this song
Off of iTunes anytime soon
It's just not catchy enough

The terrible music fades
With a prick on my arm
Suddenly I feel weightless
And dreamy

I open my eyes
There's a calendar on the wall
It says June
With little puppies on it

I blink my eyes to clear my head
And when I focus again
The calendar says February
With a little snowman under it

I wiggle my toes
I twitch my fingers
All a really good sign I think
I turn my head to the right

And I see my wife
Eyes welling with tears
Eyes green in hue
Locking with mine of blue