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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#201 Happiness Is

Happiness is
A warm gun
Some fruit stripe gum
Playing twister, with general fun

I define this feeling
As a slight sense of reeling
Of rolling down a long hill
Sliding on a sled wherever you will

I divine the meaning
As a sense of well being
Such as being nude
Covered in kittens

Happiness is seeing yourself
Reflected in the fender
Of your shiny green metallic Schwinn Sting Ray
As you perch on the sparkled banana seat
Smiling for all the world to see

You pedal around
Without a care in the world
Except to listen for the church bells
Telling you it's time for supper

Happiness is a kind of contentment
A safe cuddly feeling
Which is often found
In the arms and body
Of the one you love

Preferably when it isn't too hot
For when it is
I strive for the same feeling
By just looking at them

Happiness is
The sun on your face
Crunchy leaf piles in the fall
Unique snowflakes
Clinging lightly to your eyelashes
As you turn up your face
To watch the first snowfall

It is in moments
Snatched before they are ruined
By someone's comments or guffaw

It is in your heart
Where all good things are kept
Those perfect kittenny cuddly sunshiny crunchy snowy memories
There for the remembering
Any time your close your eyes at all

What you make of it