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Monday, July 4, 2011

#185 Shifts With the Sands

All the grains of sand
In the mouse meadow
Work together
In harmony
In unison
To try to be one with each other
To have all of their flats
Their facets
Their flaws
And their faces
Touching perfectly
And correctly

And boy is it hard!

So they shift a lot
They let the wind move them
Footsteps compress them
The rains slosh them

All in the ongoing
Effort to be one

Each grain of sand
Remembers from whence it came
It remembers being one solid thing at one time
Ground down
Chipped off
Or broken apart
They were separated from the one

This grain of sand pines for it's brother
And searches and shifts all day

That grain of sand is restless and sad
Feeling alone without it's match
It's missing piece

Destined never really to be one again
All the sand quests everlasting
For a peace and happiness
That can only be a shadow
Of what once was