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Saturday, July 30, 2011

#211 Is Broken

A long pale once silken hair
Brittle from the sun
Malnourishment and lack of care
Lying on the floor
Cast aside
Snapped off at the root

As the horse that once roamed free
Spirit as wild as can be
Running towards the horizon
Captured by a noose
Branded by fire
Tied tethered saddled

Shining steel flashing in the sun
Held by the master
Who wielded the hammer
Folded a thousand times
A weapon of no match
Until colliding with that axe
Covered in blood

Gaily painted pressed tin
Once the apple of a child's eye
I marched within
The endless realm of his bedroom
A wind up soldier with a key
Left laying carelessly
Stepped upon with a curse
My clockworks spilling out

A brown spirit flitting in the woods
I flash my white tail before I leap
I run gracefully towards the lake
Without a thought I burst from the trees
Smashed by a truck
My legs are crushed
I lay on the pavement bleeding
Never to rise again

Happy and without a care
Braving strange things just for the experience
Shaking hands smiling and making love
The world is an adventure
Until the spirit was torn
By cruelty and scorn
Now a wallflower living in a basement
Scared to go outside