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Sunday, July 3, 2011

#184 Is Lovingly Tragic

There’s a heart shaped cloud in the air
It’s hanging about just over there
It makes me think of you
And that I love you

So I’m glad that I looked up today

It does look like rain
So I’m popping up my umbrella
That way I’m ready for when it comes down
I sure don’t want to be a wet fella

That wet man smell does get around

The rain is falling in a steady drumbeat
Forming a veil
Around my dry island in the gloom
I stay out of puddles and hope there’s no hail

That would poke holes in my bubble

My balloon floats lightly next to me
It’s words spell out how I feel
It’s shiny and red
And says, “I love you” for real

It buoys my heart to give you a balloon

In my pocket bulges a velvet case
It holds two month’s salary
It’s shiny and bright
And I hope it’s just right

For it’s you I want to marry this day

Then a bump and a bright light
And I’m floating in the night
Looking down at a painful sight
My broken body in the rain

You’ll have to wait for another to love you I fear
But I’ll try always to be near
And when you grow old and die
I’ll be waiting right here

Because death doesn’t change how I feel