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Thursday, June 30, 2011

#181 Dreams in the Night

I remember nights
When I stared up at the stars
Following the blurry arm of the milky way
High up into the sky
Best seen when not looking directly at it
But I'd try anyways

Lying out on the old red lounge
Wrapped tight in my sleeping bag
The dew settling upon me
As I tried to stay awake
In the crisp early summer night air

Hoping to see a shooting star
Yet another thing that I often see best
From the corner of my eye
Mostly because they come and go so quick
That I'm not looking right at them

I'd fall asleep
And dream my little dreams
Of racing, flying and the like
Sometimes a really good one
Like being able to breathe underwater

That never works by the way
I've tried

Really, the whole "mind over matter" ideology
Has major flaws

You simply can't walk through a wall
Even if you refuse to acknowledge it
The wall doesn't need anyone's validation
For it to be real

I suppose it's a good lesson
When taken rightly
Not needing validation
To just be
What you are