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Monday, June 27, 2011

#178 Now That's Some Spicy Chicken!

I’m raising some spicy chicken
I got a crate full of chicks this spring
They’re free ranging in the back yard
I’m not feeding them any unnatural thing


Every day
Right about noon
I wheel out my special treat cart
And start measuring with a spoon

Each hen gets a spoonful
Of some marvelously spicy stuff
They’ve grown to like it
And come a’running, never getting enough

I started out light, and with a small pile of feed
I ground up some dried Banana peppers, putting that on it
Then on to Habanero, moving to Cayenne
I’ll finish the summer at Scotch Bonnet

For the first few weeks
The chickens had the trots
They made messes of their back feathers
And I had to wash them lots

But after that
Things settled down a bit
They’d come casually for their daily dose
And it was really a hit

After special feeding time
The chickens would party down
With a disco ball and DJ
Even if they could, they didn’t have a frown

Towards the end of the day
As the peppers got out of their system
They’d settle down
And sleep deeply, the sand man didn’t miss them

If all goes according to plan
When I butcher them in the fall
I’ll have some award winning spicy chicken
Their meat will have me standing tall

I don’t see how this plan can fail
You are what you eat
From your head down to your feet
I learned that on television as a child
And there is no way that can be wrong at all