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Friday, June 17, 2011

#168 Lump, Cast Out

The ghost of the lump on my head
Cries in the night
It keeps me awake
It fills me with fright

"Why, did you leave me?"
It says
"Because you bothered me,
and you might be cancer."
I retort

The lump
Is unmoved by my logic
It clanks it's chains
Like some miniature Jacob Marley

It was my constant companion
For ten whole years
Long enough to form a bond
And to bring me to tears

If I had to answer the question;
"What happened, you bump your head?"
One more fucking time
I would have taken a razor blade to it myself
And cauterized it with a lime

Took a half an hour
And my decade's companion
Was gone from my life
Five stitches later
All sewn up from the knife

A week later
I get the report
It's not cancer
Which is the important part
What it was, I forget
We'll just call it
"A little something extra"

Still the wee lump haunts me though
My fingers search for it on my head
It whispers in my ear,
"See?  I was nothing to worry about."
"I loved you, why did you throw me out?"

I grit my teeth
And ignore it's pleas
If I think of other things
I hope to forget it was ever there

I called it many things
When I'd get that boring question
Sometimes I'd say yes, I did bump my head
Other times I'd grin
And say it was my partially developed
Conjoined twin

Watch out, he has teeth!

Sometimes I'd look grimly at the person
And tell them it was a tumor
That was the cruelest one
They'd invariably blush
And turn away
With an, "Oh, I'm sorry"

I'm over it though
I'm happy it's gone
It worried me
And annoyed me

Someday even
I might stop looking in the mirror
Searching for it with my eyes
Forgetting that it is actually gone