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Saturday, June 25, 2011

#176 Is a Kitchen Rant

It's the damn sink again
It's dripping into the night
I can hear it's rhythmic sounds
Dripping and dropping the beat
The never ending pound

Water hitting the shelf liner
Applied over faux wood grained particle board
Long since swelled with moisture
In the Cadillac of all cabinetry
The rental special of kitchen design

Oh how I'd love to rip thee from my presence
Gut thou from my life
Throw you on a bonfire
Cut you with a knife

It's not just the sink, you see
But most things here
They were bought at a fire sale I think
Back to the K-mart cabinetry fire sale they should go

The drawers fall out
Their underpinning quite unusual
Pull them out too far
And they collapse back into the cabinet
The frown on your face at this
Is nothing compared to the smiles and laughter
That must have happened
When the demon who designed this joke
Put it down on paper

I'm breathing in and out now
Trying to calm myself
Fixing one more thing on this junk
When what I really want to do is just start over

Where exactly does one start
When one choice necessitates another?
Why put in a new sink
When the countertop needs replacing
Why a new countertop when the cabinets are worthless
Why new cabinets, when the whole layout is wrong

That wall needs to go
This wall needs to stay
The window doesn't work
The floor is swayed
I'd burn the frakking place to the ground
But then I'd just have to rebuild
In this same lot
In this same town

I've made a decision:
If you need me,
I'll be in Denver
Look for "Robert Forteax"
That will be me