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Saturday, June 11, 2011

#162 Craves Rummage

Every garage sale sign I see
My foot creeps towards the brake pedal
I itch to turn the wheel
But then my mind starts to meddle

A day of frantic garage sale frenzy
Might net me a multitude of things
An old book that I’ll never read
Or a box of knickknacks I don’t need

A cache of old magazines
I vaguely remember
To pile in my own garage
To eventually burn someday while on a bender

A small pet cage
For an animal I might get
If only I had the time
I’d even teach it to sit

A board game
Same as I had as a kid
Only missing ten pieces
And a half torn lid

Oooh!  An old bicycle
With a rusted up chain
To hang from my rafters
Just looking at it gives me chest pain

All the things in other’s garages
That I could use maybe, someday
Are better off staying where they are
So I press on, going on my way