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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

#173 Has Forgotten Something

The singing school messenger
Calling us all to class
Better get a move on chum
Or the hall monitor will have your ass

Running to beat the bell
I know I've forgotten something in my locker
So I hope like hell
I won't get called on in class

I slid into my seat
Without a second to spare
Laying out my books so neat
That maybe nobody would care

It was worming in my brain
What had I forgotten?
It was something important for sure
Looking again in my bag that it was not in

Nothing rang a bell
So I sat waiting for things to start
Looking around at friends
And an idiot who thought he was so smart

Everyone was looking at me strangely
I kept looking behind me
Thinking it was something back there
But everything looked normal that I could see

The teacher took attendance
As my name came around
I called out "Here"
She looked up at me without a sound

Her eyes grew wide
And her hand  left her side
To point nervously at her face
I was confused, it didn't look dignified

She cleared her throat
And asked me to gather my stuff
And go see the nurse
I complied, I'd had enough

I huffed out the door
And into the hall
I passed the mirror outside the bathroom
And I stopped, grabbing the wall

I realized what I'd forgotten
My face reflected in the mirror
Was missing an important thing
And explained the confusion and furor

I'd completely forgotten my nose