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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#180 Is Trapped

I can’t get out
I figured that out after the first week
I’ve been surviving on excess ham byproduct
It keeps leaking from the joints in the machines
I don’t know what it really is
So I call it 'ham'
But it keeps me going

I found some water dripping from a pipe
About a quarter kilometer that way
It tastes sort of foul
But it hasn’t killed me
And that’s a good thing I guess

I can’t believe I got into this
I didn’t listen
Mother told me this would happen someday
Well, not this exactly, but something
And, it did

Happy, Mother?
You were right

I was on a tour
This is the largest factory in the world
16 square miles
It feeds half the world’s population
And is completely automated
There is a maintenance break every year
And that’s when they have tours

I wandered off,
Went through a one way door
And that’s how it happened
The next day, the plant started up
And I have a year to wait for help
If I could last that long

Everything is stainless steel it seems
And inches thick
All the joints are sealed with concrete
Keeps pests out
Like me

I got a label scraped off one of the pipes
I’ve written a note on it
With my trusty blue pen
I think I can slip it into one of the cans
I can see them through a hairline seam
They march by rather slowly
I know I can do it
I don’t know what else to do
I didn’t see any other labels anywhere
Here’s hoping!


Somewhere in Alberta, Canada
On a sunny Sunday afternoon
Six months later
Rajesh opens his can of meat
For a sandwich
And finds a note
It says:
“Help, I’m trapped in the Spam Factory……”