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Sunday, June 26, 2011

#177 Is a Token of Maturity

My gaze falls upon my little toy
The little grey lamb
She's missing a leg now
And will never walk straight again

I don't know what happened to it
Maybe some little plastic wolves
Fell upon it in the night
And she barely escaped being prey

An X-games type adventure
Involving bungee jumping hippos
Riding Motocross bikes
While eating snow cones

That would be an exciting way
To lose a leg
Although on the whole
I'd rather not

I wonder what the little grey lamb thinks
Being down one limb
Does she walk in circles?
Hopping lightly
Trying to act sprightly

In the end
She is the three legged grey lamb
Which sits upon my desk
A gift for Father's Day
From my daughter
Trying to take control
Of what she gives to me
A strange little symbol
Of her growing up

So I look at the little three legged grey lamb
With a tear in my eye
And know that it kind of means
That my little girl
Won't be my little girl
For much longer