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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#172 One Has Nothing to do With the Other

I drive a Monte Carlo
Just like my NASCAR heroes on the track
But when I took it out
It wouldn’t do 200 mph
I drove it to the dealer and took it back

Just the nameplate
Is shared between
A race car and one you can buy at home
The one has nothing to do with the other

Every day I go to work
I fix things all day
But when I get home
All I want to do is play
Won’t fix the car or the fridge
I call a repairman and pay

What I do for a living
Isn’t what I do at home
I can’t explain it
The one has nothing to do with the other

I have a fancy office
With leather chairs and fine art
I sculpt celebrities faces
When I check in on them I make notes on their chart
But if I saw someone hurt on the way home
I’d take a huge detour for a start

What I do as a doctor
I do it for money
I never do it for fun or for free
The one has nothing to do with the other

Every day I work hard
Cleansing the world of impurity
I enjoy it, I feel it’s important
If people look wrong, or just not like me
I gas them, I shoot them, I throw them in the sea
At quitting time I hang up my hat
I go to Worship, I work for charity
I help little old ladies with their groceries
I kiss my wife, hug my kids, and love my family

The work that I do
You might not like it, it’s true
But I’ll be proven moral, and right, in the end.


The one, has nothing to do, with the other