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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

#243 Speech! Speech!

I cannot think of what to say
It's as if all the words have left me
Left speechless for much of the day
Mouth hanging open for all to see

It's important that I get it out
I wrote a speech and everything
I tense turn red and try to shout
But nothing at all squeaks out

This is all in my head
I tell myself bravely
Even as I feel the heat of a thousand stares
Every one of them leering and beastly

I'm furniture
I'm invisible
Chairs don't talk
So nor do I
I couldn't even walk

The moment has come
For the very first time
I squint into the spotlight
And try to read the line

I'm in a safe place
With my closest friends
They will not judge me
I will not need to make amends

Then the words flow freely
Tumbling from my lips
Pronounced just so
My fear becoming eclipsed

The timing is working
Just how I'd rehearsed
In front of my mirror
Plunging on headfirst

Almost at the end
I make my final point
And end it all on a light note
And the audience chuckles with mirth

I wipe the sweat from my brow
And gently clear my throat
I open my eyes and peek around the curtain
At the audience waiting to hear what I'd wrote

This won't be so bad
I refuse to despair
After all
Every singe one of them is in their underwear