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Thursday, August 4, 2011

#216 Tail End of the Circle

Spear through my heart
Why do you weep so?
Is it for the blood
That runs down your shaft?

As my eyes turn upward
To see the last rays of light
My life's blood drains
Drips from you
Upon the greedy ground

Food for the little things
The ants and grubs and larvae
Moisture to feed the grasses
Still stirring lightly beneath my still body

Some certainly someday
Making it's way to the river
That I can hear
Just over the rise
Bubbling and rushing
On it's way to the salt sea

The least bit of me
Becoming one with the ocean
Being mixed and tumbled
With all the rest of the waters
Until spread everywhere
Across the vastness
As far as the eye can see

What is left of my coil
Is consumed by the birds
The flies and the worms
Taking a long time until they are through

Until naught but my sun bleached bones
Lay to mark where I was
My empty eyes still looking upwards
The spear still standing tall
Buried through my empty ribcage
Thrust deep into the ground

Until even that
Has rotted away