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Sunday, August 28, 2011

#240 Good Grief, It's B


Is the bone the resides inside
It connects and binds
It props and guides
Directs things where they should go
Makes of me the form
That I always know

When I look in the mirror

Mirror, Mirror, upon the wall
Why is it, that I do fall?

Is the answer
Below you, is only air
While you need it to live
You do tend to pass right through it
Much like a sieve for the flour

Good grief, look at the hour!

Three o'clock
It's time to rock!
I'm late for my date
And the hate will not abate
Until I state my fate to Kate!

Dear Kate:

Believe me when I tell you
Beyond my control events have gone
Boned I was by the situation
Below find enclosed the cause of my tardiness
Bong, yes, it's a bong

I would have been on time
But I got high