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Saturday, August 13, 2011

#225 In 1984

In 1984
It was days of  yore
Of plenty
And innocence to spare

I was learning
To use my Retina camera
Make model rockets
And how to refinish a boat

I was in big trouble
For throwing stones at the window
But the window was broken
Actually it was cellophane
And it wasn’t stones
It was wood chips

So actually:
Throwing wood chips at the cellophane
“Get out of my sight” She said to that

I was into Men At Work
Van Halen was the bomb
I was a mix tape fool
I made them for fun
Using my patch cords
Listening to them on my walkman
Then recording them over

I mowed the grass
Enjoying the sweet  smell
Of Lawn Boy two stroke mix
Clipping and trimming with hand clippers
Wearing my shoes out on the East Lansing lawn

I had birth control glasses
Anything cooler was automatically vetoed
My mother dressed me
I couldn’t leave home unless she approved

I dreamed of owning a Ferrari someday
Though I had no means to pay
Hitching rides from my friends brother
Was as close as I could come

In 1984
I glued the lock on Mr. Ball’s classroom door
I lied to his face when he confronted me
His braces clad teeth gritted

I continued my habit
Of falling out my chair during class
Making a racket on the floor
I thought it was funny

In 1984
Much the same as today
I didn’t know what I want to do when I grow up
But I was going into the eighth grade
I was king of our school
High school was still a lifetime away