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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

#228 A Modicum of Control

I command it
I tie some little strings upon it
And I can make it stand and sit
It cannot resist me one little bit

Because I command it
You can't countermand it
Mine is the final word
Yours is to do it

I programmed it
I opened up your head
And I entered the code
Now my thoughts to yours are wed

Now I can just think it
And you will do it
It's leagues above where it was
When you had to listen
As I gave just cause

Or maybe I can just wear you
Like an empty pelt
I'll wrap myself up in you
Without the you
Inside of you
Things will be much easier
I think

All these things:

How far you'll let me go:
Your call

Let me in
I'll be the source of your fall

I promise no greatness
No treasures
No prize
Only death
Only fear
Reflected in all eyes
When they see you coming
To do my bidding

I promise nothing
And I'll keep that oath