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Saturday, August 20, 2011

#232 Inkstained

Ink is permanent
Like written in stone
Meaningful as a kiss
Real as blood and bone

Ink is transparent
Seeing through your lies
Brought forth with lemon juice
Tears running after getting it in your eyes

Ink is a blot
Dripped from a fountain pen
Folded in half it’s a Rorschach
To drive you mad now and again

Ink is in you
A dragon koi upon your back
Inserted just below the skin
A mindblowingly colorful attack

Ink is dark
By it’s very nature
Marking what it touches
Holding it in rapture

Ink fades
Old words upon a page
Harder to read with age
No matter how you rage

Ink runs
Sometimes it's hard to write
Even harder to read
When the page has become a smear
And you struggle to go on
Through the rain of your tears