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Thursday, August 11, 2011

#223 Is an Innocent Question

All the miles
Yet so many smiles
Lie between us
I can't help but wonder

What do you taste like?

Are your lips soft and moist
Tasting of fruit or mint
Your tongue so silky smooth
Twined with my own
And suiting the mood

Your skin
Baby soft to the touch
I trace your curves
I'm hoping you don't mind much

The curve of your jaw
The hollow of your neck
I can scarcely resist
And I give your skin a peck

But I linger there
And draw my mouth lower
Dragging my tongue
"Too quick!", you say
So I go slower

Between your breasts
You smell clean and nice
Your skin tastes like apples
So sweet I lick you thrice

I say hello to each nipple in turn
Grinning as they crinkle and grow firm
I'd love to linger
But with a flick of my tongue
I am gone

Running hands on your sides
Finding the tickle spot
That we all seem to have
Resting them on your hips
I move each leg to the side
Spreading you wide

Kneeling before you
I worship your body
Smelling your scent
I delve a little closer

I look up and see you
Looking down at me there
I kiss you below your belly button
And stop to stare

You open before me
Your form so lovely
Wetness gleaming
Upon the petals of your flower

I want this dream to go on
I wish to linger
I want to hear you moan
As I dip a finger

I want an answer to my question

What do you taste like?