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Friday, August 19, 2011

#231 The Wheel of Death

I had lemon chicken for lunch today
With rice and peas
A small bag of chips for snack
And an apple
To keep the doctor away

But I forgot it at home
So I have to take a chance
And shell out some dollar bills
To spin the wheel of death

I feed my dollars into the machine
One wouldn’t go
So I smooth it out and try again
On the third try it takes it

I push the button
The machine spins slowly
With a buzzing noise
And a click
Whenever the food lines up with the door

I find a frozen burrito
How bad could it be?
Beans, meat paste, and a tortilla
I might even have some cheese upstairs

I open the door
And select my doom
I hold it close
And take it to my room

Heated up so nicely
It went down pretty good
With a side of cheese
And a glass of water

The wheel of death will have it’s due

And later in the night
I had to spend a lot of quality time
Sitting in the bathroom
Staring at the same graffiti
"Your mom has a penis!"
About six times over

All for a moment of forgetfulness
And a likely looking frozen burrito