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Monday, August 22, 2011

#234 Droid for Sale

I am increasingly annoyed
With my droid

He's loud and he beeps
He smells bad while he sleeps
He can't do two things at a time
When he tries he freezes
And emits a high pitched whine
He leaves tracks and debris
All over the house
He is worse than a mouse
I threw a wrench at him
In frustration the other day
He just turned his cold dead eyes to me
Gave me the droid finger
And rumbled away

I've had it
He's for sale
I've hung a sign on him
And put him in the front yard
Chained to a rail

At only 500 Imperial Credits
He's actually quite a steal
The salesman in me urges
That is hardly the cost of a fancy meal

But I have misgivings deep down inside
Because although he's technically
As good as a new one from the droid store
He's a pain in the ass
And if I had to answer honestly when asked
I'd have to admit:

This is NOT
The droid you are looking for