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Saturday, August 6, 2011

#218 Dangerous Furniture

I am the chair
I suck you in
My thick cushions invite you
My leather covering excites you
Little do you know
That I will bite you

I crave human flesh
What can I say?

My pillowed red leather
Looks seductive in this light
The Mahogany legs with little toes
Giving the look that is just right
Have a seat my darling
I'm warm
Too warm? You say?
Shhhh, it's ok
I'm body temperature
I will hold you close
And you will hear my heart beating
Your eyes will grow heavy
Though your safety is fleeting

My arms will slowly
Ever so slowly
Envelope your lithe body
You will scarcely suspect
Until I open my mouth for a taste
You will be in no position to object

I'll be gentle I promise
I'll murmur my love
Quietly in your ear
My breathe warm and sweet
Fooling you
Making you think you are in for a treat

I'll slide my tongue down your neck
Your toes will curl
Your eyes will close
You'll take notice though
When I slide my teeth into you

Scream all you want my love
There is no one to hear
As I tear open your neck
And you cry one slow sad tear

I'd keep you forever
I hope you know
But I must finish you
Before the cock does crow

By day
I am only a comfortable old chair

By night
I am a predator
Always just out of sight

Won't you come have a seat
You look so tired
My love