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Monday, August 29, 2011

#241 C? This is getting old already

Citting on my civet
Having a cerulean cry
Clinging to crushed curtains
Always wondering why
The first cut is always the deepest
Is it just a saying?
I've cut deep
I've cut shallow
It's called cut control

The civet is getting restless
So I feed him some more C-ration
And read aloud more C.S. Lewis
For the civet to practice his dictation

Bored after that
I flip on the cable
The civet and I search for claymation
Finding a lovely story of a babe in a cradle

Although the civet cannot fool me
He licks his lips
And imagine a meal of that baby
I can only imagine that quip

"Excuse me, but a civet ate your baby"

Is that right?
I might be remembering it wrong
I used to watch that show
But it's been so damn long

A show about nothing
Much like this poem
Much ado about something
Mostly a bunch of hokum