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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Fiscal Cliff(s) Explained

Strictly speaking sir
It's not just a cliff
It's more of a cliff
With a sort of bottomless hole of filth at the bottom
Followed by an equally steep incline on the far side
Another cliff
If you will

Rightly assessed
I should say that it's more an anatomically correct asscrack than anything

The man in the garishly vajazzled tophat sucked on his now legal joint
"How does this all become 'fiscal' in nature then?"

Oh right, the fiscal cliff that everyone was talking about
Well it doesn't really
Unless you take the metaphor of pouring money down a bottomless hole
Which is coincidentally fronted on two sides by steep fleshy cliffs

Peering down inquisitively
One can also see some scrubby bits as well
Might be that some of the 'fiscal'-ish bits are clinging to them

What you are telling me
Is that we are dumping money
At an alarming rate I might add
Into a dark muddy fiscal asshole
Which will never fill up
And could back up on us unexpectedly
With fiscal assets so tainted
That we dare not touch them?"

Why yes
I suppose I am