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Friday, January 11, 2013

Rising and Hiding

I am darkness
I am fleeting

A hint of something forms in the air
Where moments before was only pitch
A color
A dimness
An unidentifiable affable feeling

Fuzzy stick trees begin to appear on the horizon
Solid coneish shaped pines
Empty branched deciduous fingerlets
Breaking the view with their barky cellulose

Definitely blue now
A pale light spreads from the East
Banishing the night one inch at a time
An inexorable march
A glacial pace
Best filmed and played back at super speed

A National Geographic special

Orange joins the blue
Tinting the edges of the big curve
Blending and bending
Hints of purple too
Bleeding to yellow
Till a first pinpoint of blinding light creeps into view
Sparkling on the water
No green flash
But not half bad either

Turning West again
The night had fled before the sun
Unseen it slipped away
Leaving a little post it note in it's wake

I am fleeting
I am darkness