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Monday, January 28, 2013

Door 413B

Maurice 768 dreamed

He dreamed of door codes
Of door 413B standing stalwart
Next to it's keypad

Of his slender fingers upon the keys
Touching two keys at once
Making musical notes
Playing obscure television show themes

Getting other codes
Splitting infinities
Inputting the solutions to equations
Equations imprinted into his synthetic synapses
That were the keys to some part of a past task
That had been performed by Maurice 768

None of these codes opened the door
All evoked the same minor note discord sound
Accompanied by a solid red light
Much unlike the one on his chair
That flashed it's sequences
To signal various things

This one was on in time with the sound
together making a red cacophony for his senses
Meaning nothing less than rejection
A "You can't go outside to play today" feeling

Maurice 768's eyes roamed in their sockets
Beneath the eyelids
On the serene facial features
Of the head
Resting upon the shiny silver maintenance chair
The notification panel of which
Held that red flashing light aforementioned
Flashing it's rhythm
That meant one thing

A download was ready