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Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Write Love Ballads

I write love ballads
Line for line the sickest of sweet
Post them on Twitter
Though few give a tweet

I write love ballads
To make the lonely feel worse
For them to read while they fashion a noose
For them to read aloud and curse

I write love ballads
Because the treacle just isn't tart enough
I have to give it an extra punch up
Some dainty lace and inedible fluff

I write love ballads
To share my love with all
It fills my heart o'erbrimming
Just watch those salty tears fall

I write love ballads
As a finger to the world
Because love is the biggest lie of all
Hammered home with words horrid and churled

I write love ballads
Line by fucking line
It's the easiest way
For me to lie that I am fine