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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Battle of Gobzaga Bay

The South rose once again
With the Col Sanders Clone Corp (CSCC)
Razing everything in sight
The North had naught but some Wildmen
Which seemed as many
Yet could have been but one

On the morn of January the third
In the year of aught three
The sun rose like thunder
O'er Gobzaga Bay
Placing the sons and daughters of mother country
Square mired in the path of harm's way

The Wildman defended the port city
And was in many places at once
Commanding all that he surveyed
Making personal appearances not
As the CSCC attacked from the highlands around
And sailed in hard firing shot

We few civilians were drafted
Within the city walls
To man the guns and mortars
High upon the battlements and low upon the docks
Assisted always by Wildmen
Were bakers in their aprons and housewives in their frocks

The battle raged all through the day
The fire raining down on both sides
Till the Wildman rallied a counterattack
Out the seven city gates
Seven spearpoints into the enemy
Nothing to hope for but superior fates

And as the fates had it that day
The sun shining hot upon our beloved bay
The Wildmen had mined the waters and city
Unbeknownst to both ally and foe
Sending the landing ships of the CSCC to the deep
And all within the city walls up in flames

Leaving nothing left to fight over
Disheartening both citizenry and Corp
Who then parted ways perhaps to fight again
But for today the Wildman had assured there would be no winner
Just a thanks for abundant kith and kin
A sharing of the bounty found outside the walls
With stories sung that would be sung again and again

The first of which for me to sing
Would be how I lost my leg in aught three
In the Battle of Gobzaga Bay