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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Working Relationship

Robert loved his airplane

Whenever it came to his spot
He'd hug it's front tire
Pat down the parts that weren't hot
And whisper words of encouragement near the intakes

Whenever the plane was broken
Robert wouldn't go home again
Until he'd fixed what ailed it
Even sleeping next to it now and then

Robert's tools were kept spotless
Shiny and rust free
So that nothing would mar their relationship
Where trust was the virtual key

Robert swept out the cockpit
Wiped down the windows
Tightened up every drip weep and drop
Washing the outside until only darkness made him stop

And so the airplane tried to be on time
So it could keep company with Robert
Sometimes coming in early
And occasionally even acting hurt

The airplane carried a good many things
All delivered to Robert's airport
Pallets of cars carrots croutons and calfs
Boxes of tiny umbrellas destined for resorts

Once or twice a year it was full of flowers
And airplane always made sure
That one arranged to fall out next to the landing gear
To greet Robert in a hearty florally bonjour

Until one day Robert wasn't there
The airplane came in as usual
Taxi'd into place and sat waiting in chocks
Until some stranger approached from behind the wall

No hugs no words of encouragement
No pats no cleaning and nothing but dirty tools
The airplane felt despondent and heavy
Failing all of it's systems at once
Time ticked down looking like the airplane would never be ready

Until Robert was called over from his new job nearby
He talked and he explained the who's and the why
Which was apparently good enough for the airplane
Which was quickly on the mend and ready

So with a promise to visit on a regular basis
A formal introduction to Harry the new ground technician
The airplane took off again for it's daily routine
And the hope of a new friendship growing to fruition