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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Do The Gobzaga!

Hold your gals real tight lads
As the lights drop down low
The latest hit is on the radio
With a dance to match it's name

It starts like a tango
Slow deliberate and sweet
All in slow motion
Couples moving up and down the street

There's a break dance move
Inserted halfway in
Just where the song breaks into beat box
And the singer sings of sin

Then something that looks much like ballet
With the first two positions and a lift
Then back to a neo tango
A rest for the dancers and something of a gift

When the refrain kicks in
Everything falls apart
In seeming flash mob precision
All the couples taking two steps back for a start

Hands fly into the air
Waving and gyrating like a mad air powered man
Flexing and yelling to the beat
Everybody do the Gobzaga!

At least until next week