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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hellogoodbye Beard

Hellogoodbye beard
Farewell little bits of food
That cling secretly for later on
For birds and mice to nibble
Sticky clumped together hair
Showing the passage of sauce

Hellogoodbye beard
Beer running down to my chest
Every time I raise my mug
Sleeves soaked from wiping my mouth
Stray hairs in everything I drink

Hellogoodbye beard
An automatic kiss aversion device
Affixed to my face
Keeping the ladies away
Both the naughty and the nice

Hellogoodbye beard
Keeping the winter wind from my skin
A face warming natural mask
A yeti face in a chilly place
Warm soft cushion betwixt chin and chest

Hellogoodbye beard
Now piles of shavings warming my toes
Mostly brownish red
With little clumps of grey
Reminding me I'm not young anymore
But not grey enough to wear the red suit

Hellogoodbye beard
Cold smooth cheeks now leading the way
The reflection in the mirror a seeming different person
A fifteen minute phone booth changeup
Pretty slow for Superman
But not too bad for me