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Friday, January 18, 2013

Dream (Liner)

The airplane was named Xanadu
A dream of an aircraft
Named for a dream place
Both fueled by passion
Both transcendent of time and space

With a name like that
I expected to be transported on a cloud
Fed milk and honey or at least something good
To have something about the experience be mind altering
As a transport of Kubla Kahn certainly should

But from the start it wasn't as a dream
Taking up semi permanent residence in the first class lounge
I waited patiently to climb aboard
For two years worth of comp time
While other more common conveyances soared

Finally the dream came true
And in rolled magnificent Xanadu
Trailing wet puddles of oil
Weeping rivulets of fuel
To my exuberance it was the perfect winged foil

But then it was worth the wait
As we taxied away from the gate
A dream then did take flight
Leaving its troubles behind
Showing it wouldn't give up without a fight

Do you smell something burning?

To the delight of my watering eyes
I experienced the ballet of a finely trained crew
A quick landing was made
And inflatable fun slides were provided
As if anything more mundane would cause this memory to fade

And so I bid the dream adieu
Waving sadly goodbye to Xanadu
Walking away on the airport grounds
When a flight attendant ran up out of breath
Causing me to turn on hearing her labored sounds

"Here's your luggage and a refund of the fee
Don't mind the burnt spots
And a complimentary coupon for a free coffee"