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Saturday, January 5, 2013

One Tenth Scale Homoeroticism

I caught He Man in a shoe box with Shipwreck today
It wasn't the first time
Last week he was dallying with the twins Tomax and Xamot
With a bottle of vintage red wine

He Man seems to have a thing for the GI Joe gang
The ones from the 1980's
The bigger ones from earlier on intimidate him
About as much as the ladies

I could have been mistaken
But just now I think he flipped his lovely blonde hair at me
With just a hint of a wink
And a hard plastic crinkle of a nipple through his sheer cotton Tee

But that's just my imagination
I'm sure it's just accidental if it's real at all
Wait, did he just slip a hand into his briefs?
I think I need to make a reinforcement call

_Some Time Later_

The mailman came today
Dropped off a box from Montana
I give it a shake
And if I don't miss my guess
It's He Man's new boyfriend
Wearing army green and black
Sporting a snazzy Drill Sergeant's hat
Mirrored sunglasses for campy style
And a porn star mustache you can see for a mile
If the plastic bulging muscles of Sgt Slaughter can't keep He Man satiated
I just don't know what will