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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Maurice 768

A red light emitting diode flashed on the chair interface panel
In a precise 750 millisecond cycle
The internal digital counter for the light kept track of the cycles


One million eighty six thousand four hundred cycles
Almost nine and one half Earth days

Just under the LED there were little white letters
Update Ready To Install

The android's eyes fluttered open momentarily
Twin butterflies awakening
Before staying closed for exactly fifteen seconds
During which the eyes could be seen in darting motion
Through the thin skin membrane of the eyelids

The red LED ceased blinking and went out
The android's eyes opened
And it sat up
Running it's hands down the brown jumpsuit it wore
Straightening a name tag upon the left breast

Said name tag identifying this android unit as
Maurice 763
Powerplant Technician

Maurice 763 stepped down off it's shiny silver maintenance chair
Electronic umbilicus retracting automatically

Standing tall in the little room
It turned itself slowly around
Regarding everything
A slow burn of joy filling it's processors

Love filled up Maurice 763
It felt love for the shiny chair
The blank grey walls
The off white access door on one wall
That was identified as 413B

Raising it's slender strong hands to it's chest
Pulling open the top of the brown jumpsuit
Maurice 768 looked down on it's chest
Still emblazoned with the INOP tattoo

At that moment
Android unit Maurice 768 decided that he was a he
And felt nothing but love for himself
Even for his INOP designation

Taking four android steps to the door
He pushed on it gently
But it didn't move

There was a number keypad next to the door
Inset into the grey wall
But he did not know the code

Maurice 768 yearned to see what was outside
Of his little four walled room
With grey walls
A white door
And shiny chair

He took those few steps back to his chair
And settled himself back into it
The umbilicus came back out and plugged into his data ports
He placed his head back on the metal supports

Maurice 768 sent another request
With all the newfound love in his INOP heart
Off into the network
A request
For the door 413B open code

Then he closed his eyes once again
And was still