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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Yellow Sign O' the Times

Yellow portable signboard with the fabulous flashing arrow
Pointing endlessly in one direction
With always changing messages on your faces
Thanks to piles of acrylic letters
Arranged in just the right places

What have you got to say to me today?

A half off sale on used sex toys you say?
Well how can I pass that up on this fine Wednesday
What with a few holes I could have filled
With those fine pre-loved items of hyper silicone sexuality

Going away from it
I can see in my rear view mirror
That the reverse side is even better
Busking the area's best selection
In refurbished Real Dolls

Still clearing my head from all that nonsense
I come rolling up upon another
This one sits in the Jesus Junkyard
Saying things you'd never utter around your mother

Amongst all the handmade crosses
And a chainsaw hewn nativity scene
This brightly flashing sign proclaimed

"Man Fukers and Lesbain Gash Lashers Will all go to Hall
Do not suffer their presents!"

I've left the errors for the lulz
As you can see what sort of person that may be
That would put up such a sign in his front yard
Virtually in perpetuity

Just passing the sign now
I slow a bit to take it all in
Seeing if there are any new objects de art
To be seen on his lawn of anti-sin

But on the other side of it
Sitting on a short stack of metal crates
It's the Mad Country Prophet himself
Now leaping up with a shotgun in his hands
To run me off
Or seal my fate

That's just the way that he is
With all his religion pumping through him
He has the urge to save everyone
But not the tolerance to allow anyone near

He's an odd sort of duck

Motoring onward towards the next town
I keep my eyes peeled
For I know that before too long
There will be another yellow sign
Which I'll slow down to take in
Line by acrylic lettered line