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Saturday, December 1, 2012


Seawalls for sale
The comic booky sign said loudly
I was hooked by the tag line though
"We keep things at Bay"

Which was a joke sort of
Since the only water around
Was out in the bay
But I didn't laugh

I had a bigger problem

The fish were grazing my seagrass
Which was intended for my grass crabs
So I'd been buying feed from the feed store
Which was leaving me flat broke

Those fish had to be stopped
Maybe the seawall was the answer

I stopped and I haggled
We niggled and naggled
And arrived at a price neither one of us liked
Which means it was fair

The next day they came out
With their mechanical cranes and trout
One for lifting and one for swimming
With chunks of seawall hanging or riding upon it's back

Soon the walls were in place
The workers were gone
The crabs came out of their holes one by one
Creeping and grazing
Peeping and picking
Through the eats that were about

I tended my flock
From high upon my rock
Out of the salt and the spray
When from out in the bay
Beyond my new wall I heard a sound

It was singing from the fishes

"Oh give us grass
Give us grass
Lots of yummy seagrass
Don't fence us out....."

Screw them
My crabs got to eat