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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Color Truck

It was a truck of color
Of reds
Of and including Black
Which is argued to be no color at all

It wasn't allowed in the white vehicles parking lot
Nor the reds
Though it was allowed to park in the black lot
But on the fringes
For although the black vehicles
Who were no recognized color at all
Were amused by the colored trucks many colors
It wasn't enough to warrant a decent spot

When filling out questionares
And information was required
For scholarships to Auto University
Or for a job at the Lube Lounge
There was always a square labeled "Color"
And colored truck always answered as "Truck"

"That's not a color
That's what you are
What color are you?"
All the arbitrary authority figures would ask

"I am the color 'truck'"
Was the only answer it would give

Notes would always be taken
On 3x5 cards
And neatly lined yellow pads of varying sizes and thicknesses
All saying basically the same thing


Color truck never got any scholarships
Or decent jobs
It works for cash on odd jobs both big and small
Cruises looking for love in the bad part of town
As that's the only part of town that it is allowed

It's not easy being the color truck
Not one color but many
Till they all bleed together
Into an utter absence of color altogether