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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


This #TreeTuesday
I confess that I saw a bunch of trees
I wasn't true to any one at all
Variety was my slutty downfall

In the morning I sidled up to a tall lanky white pine
With some sap seeping through it's bark here and there
Sultry knots in the strong trunk
And a soft bed of needles on the ground everywhere

By brunchtime I turned my jaundiced eye to an ash
Woodpecker riddled and on it's last legs
I felt pity for it in my heart
I hugged it and told it all was ok
Though I have a tree trimmer scheduled in the very next day

For my dignified formal lunch
I made the acquaintance of an oak
Standing tall next to my house
I felt it best to be a gracious host
For it's close proximity
Meant that it could drop a thing or three
And cause some problems this winter in a pinch

Teatime came and went without a speck of tea
My attention taken up by the sexiest of birch trees
Encroaching upon my driveway
With pale bark and battle scars to prove
That it is a staunch resident and quite hard to move

Now here at suppertime
I am sharing a decent young wine
With a maple tree of fine vintage
Sixty feet tall at least
It's sweet sap a boiled down happy feast
Of sugar for my sweet tooth
And I love it so

I've seen trees before them
And I'll see many after
I don't even keep track of them really
Just today on #TreeTuesday
Have I realized how many branches
I've bounced to and from
More than willingly