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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In the Company of Bastards

I was in the company of bastards
They stretched as far as I could see
A seething sea of people
All with one thing in common with me

We were all bastards

Not one of us knowing our father
Not one of us knowing the other
All surly smelly in need of a shower
A few of them wishing for their mother

The thing about this bunch of bastards
Was that they weren't just that in the literal sense
They were bastards through and through
Carrying a bastardly attitude wherever they went

One group playing cards
To constant calls of "Cheat!!!  Fraud!!"
Another group telling lies to one another
Playing trust fall without any trust
Then some really untrustworthy bastards over there
Treating some other bastard's wife with nothing but lust

This might be some storied group
Sailing a pirate ship at sea
With the captain as the biggest bastard of all
With each one of us bastards thinking "Well hell, that'd be ME!"

But it's not
And never will be romanticized
Except by certain men and women who are attracted to such ilk
This group of bastards will be it's own undoing
With such a feeling of self bastard loathing inside
That it may very well reach back through the fabric of time
And be the very first case of mass self infanticide

I can't stand these bastards
Most of all