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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In the Company of Instagram


"For the love of Job!
Would you stop taking pictures of your food?"

But the photo really pops
What with infinite filters and crops
Add some fancy borders
And some imaginary F-stops

Suddenly every twelve year old is a photographer
And every hipster is green with envy
Their carefully hoarded collection of vintage gear
Made instantly even more obsolete
By the App of the year

Well at least that's how it thinks of itself
Which is fine I guess
A belief in one's self
Is a cornerstone of a healthy mental mess

I've even seen it on Instagram's Instagram
Some self promoting platitude
Inserted un-self conciously into a template
Touted endlessly as the newest meme

Which it is
For all ten people who share it

I tried ignoring Instagram
But it cropped up in the headlines every other day
Making me wonder what I was missing
That if I'm not on it, whatever will people say?

So I'm on it
I'm in it
I'm through it
And it's pretty much into me
As I'm trying to collect enough photos
For one of those nifty collages
That you can buy for a small fee
From a numerity of vendors in their virtual garages

But now my companion is pissing in the pool
Supposedly selling my photos
Playing me for a fool
There's no way my former friend Facebook
Would do such a thing!

Would it?

This all makes me want to rejoin the company of tumblr
Do some cutting
Take some pics of it
Tell the world I can't take it anymore

Until Instagram comes to save me once again
Like a stalwart friend
Pumping my stomach for photos
To fill it's servers to brimming
With all the content they can hold

Which I'll be fine with in the end
Because who doesn't love old Lunch
The friendly mooch who always wants what you are having

"You're not going to eat all that, right?"

Oh Instagram
You old scamp